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The first record of Scotch whisky was in 1494, where it was referred to as the “water of life.” Needless to say, it caught on quickly. By 1780 there were a whopping eight legal Scotch distilleries and a handful (400) of illegal competitors.

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Harleston Green Golfers

In 1786, a group of Scottish merchants absconded with two of European high society’s most treasured pleasures, golf and scotch, and brought them together at Harleston Green in Charleston, South Carolina for all people to enjoy. We’d nominate those merchants for sainthood if it didn’t risk getting in the way of their drinking and carousing.

Harleston Green blended scotch celebrates the unwavering power of conviviality, openness, and firm handshakes. We trust it will soon become the indispensable foundation for balanced cocktails, long nights, new games and spirited conversation among friends—and worlds—new and old.

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Tasting Notes

Harleston Green is a truly extraordinary blend. It has a diverse composition of carefully selected single malts, aged three, four, and five years, hailing from Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, and Campbelltown. The result is a scotch that expresses the unique characteristics of Scotland’s many whiskey regions in a wholly original way.

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Rich golden amber with great long legs

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On the Nose

Almonds, apricots, honey and heather, with a touch of toffee and orange zest

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On the Palate

Lingering notes of vanilla, malt, sweet spices, almonds, a touch of burnt orange, with a full and rich finish


The only gold we need is inside a bottle of Harleston, but we’re always flattered when fellow players give us recognition.


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The Los Angeles International Spirits Competition


The International Denver Spirits Competition

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